Far Oer, no coronavirus deaths. The championship is played with these safety rules

Tórshavn (FAR OER ISLANDS) – Less than two hundred infected and no coronavirus deaths, the Faroe Islands are a happy island.

It should also be said that this nation, which includes 18 rocky volcanic islands located between Iceland and Norway, has fewer than 50 thousand inhabitants.

In any case, we return to play football respecting the following safety rules set by the government.

The matches must be played behind closed doors, and this also applies to Italy.

The players will have to wash their hands before and after the game.

The match ball must be sanitized before the game starts.

Players will be able to drink during the game but each of them must have a personalized bottle of water.

The players must speak as little as possible, they must avoid coughing, sneezing and obviously they must not spit on the turf of the stadium.

They are rules of conduct very similar to those that are applied in South Korea where the championship is about to start again.

The K-League is more popular than the Far Oer league so it has also set rules of conduct for journalists.

In South Korea, only a limited number of journalists will be able to access stadium press stands .

Interviews must be booked in the week preceding the match and between reporter and footballer there must be at least two meters away.

The same obviously applies to interviews between journalists and coaches.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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