Fans Roma whistle him, Dzeko spits on the ground and applauds angrily

Tifosi Roma lo fischiano, Dzeko sputa a terra e applaude con rabbia

Fans Roma whistle him, Dzeko spits on the ground and applauds angrily. Photo archive ANSA / ANGELO CARCONI

ROME – On the day of the departure of Daniele De Rossi, Edin Dzeko was booed loudly by the Roma fans at the time of the substitution at the 62 ′ of Rome-Parma. Dzeko was surprised by these whistles. The Bosnian striker reacted by spitting on the ground in anger, then applauded the fans who were whistling him, saying: "Mamma mia, good good …". According to market rumors, Dzeko should leave Rome at the end of the season to move elsewhere. We talk about Inter.

Rome, Dzeko at Inter? Next week there could be an announcement.

The Bosnian striker did not expect these whistles because during his Roman experience he scored many goals. Edin Dzeko would be ready to take Inter. The Bosnian striker, who is leaving Rome because his contract is deemed too heavy by the Roma club, would have said yes to Antonio Conte , who already wanted him at the time of Chelsea, and should be the next striker for the Nerazzurri.

There is not yet the official status that most likely will be given next week, when the Nerazzurri championship is over. Dzeko should go and take Icardi's place, which will almost certainly be given up. Icardi really likes both Juventus and Atletico Madrid and Inter are trying to sell it to the highest bidder.

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