Famous as Simeone, gestaccio before Napoli-Juventus

Insigne come Simeone, gestaccio prima di Napoli-Juventus

Famous as Simeone, gestaccio before Napoli-Juventus

NAPLES – Superstition or outburst? In the last training session of the week, before the big Napoli-Juventus match, Lorenzo Insigne was the protagonist of a gestaccio at Simeone in Atletico Madrid-Juventus. The gesture has brought good luck to Simeone as his Atletico Madrid won 2-0 against Juventus but despite this, in cold, the Argentine technician has apologized for this fall of style.

Famous as Simeone before Napoli-Juventus

The same gesture was shown by Lorenzo Insigne in training. He could have done so for superstition, in the hope of replicating the 2-0 Atletico, or as an outlet. This is not known but the gesture is virtually identical and the images speak clearly.

Napoli-Juventus is the last opportunity for Neapolitans to get back in the running for the Scudetto. In case of victory, Juventus would hypothes him with months in advance. Even a draw would leave little hope for the team coached by Carlo Ancelotti who is forced to win to stay in the race for the title.

The Insigne article as Simeone, gestaccio before Napoli-Juventus seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

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