Falcao and the truth about Roma-Liverpool’s penalty: “That’s why I didn’t pull it”

ROME – Paulo Roberto Falcao was one of the strongest foreign players in the history of our championship.

The Brazilian arrived at Rome 40 years ago and was able to drag the Giallorossi to the Scudetto and the only Champions League final in their history.

His experience in the capital was triumphant but according to many it would have been ruined by this lost Champions League final .

Roma only surrendered to the legendary Liverpool on penalties.

Falcao , who was the leader of that team, refused to kick him .

Instead, Bruno Conti and Ciccio Graziani , two players not used to the penalty spot, kicked.

In fact, both failed by throwing the ball into the stands and delivering the cup to Liverpool.

Nobody got angry with Conti and Graziani , who at least had the courage to try, but all pointed the finger at Falcao .

Many years later, the Brazilian has returned to that un-kicked penalty during an interview with Roberto Maida for corrieredellosport.it.

“The Champions League final? It is my regret.

I would like to replay that final feeling good. However, even there, referee spot: Rush's huge foul on Tancredi on the 0-1 goal.

Once and for all: I don't understand the controversy. I was unable to walk because of the knee pain.

The pain reliever effect was already abundantly over during overtime.

But even if I had been well, Liedholm would have made me pull the fifth penalty for luck after the successful attempt of the Coppa Italia final against Turin.

But unfortunately we didn't get to the fifth penalty. Liverpool won first. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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