Fabrizio Maiello, the former soccer promise says: “In 1994 I wanted to kidnap Gianfranco Zola”

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Fabrizio Maiello, the former football promise, tells: "In 1991 I wanted to kidnap Gianfranco Zola". In the photo Ansa: Gianfranco Zola

ROME – Fabrizio Maiello, before becoming a bandit and a fugitive, was a promise of Italian football. The former Primavera player from Monza was interviewed by GianlucaDiMarzio.com and told of the attempted kidnapping of Gianfranco Zola in 1994, the year in which the phenomenon of Sardinian football played in Parma:

“In 1994 I was a fugitive and I was traveling with other people, all of them passionate about football. We were touring all over Italy, one day we went to Parma training. At that time Zola was the most representative player of the company. We had this idea: a kidnapping of 24/48 hours to request the ransom to Tanzi. It seemed like a nice opportunity. "

The former footballer says again: “The full predicted to follow him with two cars to ram him into the street and make him get on the other car. The day we were following him, at some point he stops at a gas station. So we too go down, we wanted to wait for him. Gianfranco, however, comes to meet us, smiles and asks us: "Do you want an autograph?". That's when I thought, 'What am I doing? But let's leave it '. We exchanged a few words, I told him I was a fan of Naples and I asked him for an autograph ".

Maiello remembers the days spent at the judicial psychiatric hospital. He had joined us in 1991 for breaking a chair at the head of a judge who had asked him to cooperate. Here he met Marcello Colafigli, one of the exponents of the Banda della Magliana:

"In those places you knew when you entered but not when you went out, because until they thought you were healed they could extend the sentence. Here I met Marcello Colafigli, who became famous later for becoming the film and TV series Buffalo. But the description made of him in those contexts is far from reality, only the historical reconstruction is reliable. We shared our passion for football. He was very reserved, he was always alone in his cell. He read a lot and wrote. But he was very fond of football, he had beautiful shoes as I did. I remember playing with leg warmers, it was an old fashioned stopper, so massive that we called it Marcellone. We often played together, I in attack, he in defense. Sometimes there was some disagreement, but it was better to leave it alone because he was a touchy guy ”.

The Fabrizio Maiello article , the former football promise, tells: "In 1994 I wanted to kidnap Gianfranco Zola" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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