Fabio Tucciariello, dead invested fan. 25 total arrests, clashes between ultras

Fabio Tucciariello, tifoso della Vultur Rionero morto investito. 25 arresti totali, ipotesi scontri tra ultras col Melfi

Fabio Tucciariello, dead invested fan. 25 total arrests, clashes between ultras (hypothesis)

ROME – Perhaps there was more than the car that hit (and killed) Fabio Tucciariello , Vultur Rionero fan . If 25 people were arrested (including the driver of the car that hit the victim), perhaps the police speculated that what is called "clashes" in jargon were in place (or could have happened shortly thereafter) between rival ultras . It is not clear whether the arrested are all members of the Melfi supporters or if there are also Vultur Rionero fans in prison (the reports are contradictory in this regard).

The fact is that all 25 men arrested by the police after the death of Tucciariello, which took place on Sunday 19 January in Vaglio di Basilicata (in the province of Potenza), were transferred to the prison of Potenza. At first, only the motorist accused of having physically invested the Lucan fan was finished in prison, while the other 24 had been placed under house arrest. Then, the decision to bring them all behind bars.

The charges – apart from that of murder for the alleged perpetrator of Tucciariello's death – are of private violence and possession of objects capable of offending. Police investigations, which began immediately after Tucciriello's death, led the agents to Brienza (Potenza), where Vultur Rionero was busy in the afternoon for a match valid for the championship of Excellence. Numerous people were taken to the police station and interrogated (the investigations were coordinated from the beginning by the Public Prosecutor of the various Republic of Potenza and by the public prosecutor) and arrests were made overnight.

The reconstruction of Fabio Tucciariello's death.

According to the first reconstructions, the fans of Vultur Rionero heading for Brienza (Potenza), and those of Melfi in Tolve (Potenza), met in a service area a few kilometers from the accident and had a first confrontation. The deadly investment, it is not yet known whether accidental or wanted, took place later while the fans of the Rionero were stopped near the Vaglio di Basilicata train station to wait, probably, for other supporters of the culture. (Sources: Ansa, Agi, Repubblica).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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