Fabio Liverani: “My grandfather was a minister of the Somali government. Then the situation precipitated and … “

Fabio Liverani, Ansa

Fabio Liverani: “My grandfather was a minister of the Somali government. Then the situation precipitated and … "(photo Ansa)

ROME – Interviewed by Corriere della Sera, Fabio Liverani enjoys the good time with his Lecce: “How did I manage in this endeavor? The ingredients are two: harmony and desire to improve. Harmony is given to you by a company that believes in your ideas, a staff with whom before each game one wonders if everything necessary has been done to prepare it properly. The desire to improve is transferred to you by the study, the search for details, the accurate analysis, in particular after a negative result, of any errors or gaps. And so we change, we grow ”.

Lapadula, after dark years, has regained the goal. Saponara and Barak seem to flourish again. Can we say, now, thanks to Liverani?

“They are quality players. They had to smell the possibility of returning to good levels. I have been candid with them. I explained how they could express the qualities they have, enhancing them through the continuity of training. The engine of a footballer is the head. When you turn it back on, your legs will start again. ”

He got two promotions in a row, won the Silver Bench, brought Lecce back on the track of salvation. But we mainly talk about Gasperini and Juric. Doesn't it bother you?

"In no way. As a serene person, I take care of my work. I think the sums should be drawn in the end, not in the current championship. My style is an old adage: things come to those who can wait for them ".

“Who are the best coaches in the world? For Liverpool's phenomenal progress, I'd say Klopp. But I confess my weakness for Guardiola. Not so much for the triumphs or the football that he offers, as for the obsessive desire to experiment that distinguishes him. Staying humble and looking for goals, as mom taught, is the cup to drink in life ".

"My mother? My grandfather was a minister of the Somali government. The situation precipitated. She ran away very young and came to Rome where she met my father. White or black, the world divides into right and wrong men. The righteous must be helped and put in a position to integrate into our country, the wrong ones must not. It is fundamental that politics establish clear rules and that those who disembark from distant lands stick to these rules ".

"Future? Lecce lacks nothing. But I would be hypocritical if I didn't say that I would like to touch the highest levels. I was lucky enough to grow up on bread and flask. I have never quarreled with a president for € 10,000 more or less than engagement. What matters is not to distort and appreciate what you have. Like Lecce, without however never feeling arrived ”.

Source: The Corriere della Sera.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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