Fabio Capello: “Careful Juventus. Inter are a league title. And Lazio … “

Fabio Capello, Ansa

Fabio Capello (photo Ansa)

ROME – Interviewed by the Gazzetta dello Sport, Fabio Capello takes stock of the situation of the Italian championship.

" Vidal? A nice shot. The January market makes sense when you buy quality players. Vidal is an expert player, with a sense of goal and Conte knows him very well. With him Inter can aim for the Scudetto, although the percentages remain 50 and 50 ".

" Dejan Kulusevski? It is a purchase that looks to the future. We are talking about a 19-year-old boy who has already shown that he has extraordinary shots. In any case, we must always remember that he is very young and at his age he must be allowed to make a mistake or some empty passage ".

Chapter Ibra .

“Ibrahimovic's return to Milan is positive in two respects: for what he can still offer as a player and for the contribution of personality. The stories of the poor US championship are bleak: it is not at the level of the best European tournaments, but it is run and fight also in those parts. Ibrahimovic will need a few games to settle, but then he will become decisive. The current Milan has little personality: Zlatan will shake the team. However, the market cannot end here. We need a reinforcement in defense. "

Chapter Rome.

Dan Friedkin? It seems to me that this new entrepreneur has a substantial portfolio and I believe that for Rome it is an important turning point. With one more certainty than last summer: a convincing technical project has been started ”. “Merit of Fonseca? I like this Portuguese coach because he is a concrete coach, he doesn't sell smoke and he doesn't look at anyone. Rome also has pure talents such as Pellegrini and Zaniolo: there are the foundations for improving and aiming high ".

Who will win the Scudetto?

“Lazio – Capello replies – must be convinced that he can play it. In theory, it has the potential to aim for the league title: a group of champions, a very good coach like Simone Inzaghi, an excellent manager like Tare who is almost never wrong on the market. His merits must be recognized in Lotito: he has proven to be an excellent president. Lazio in the decade just ended was the second Italian team for trophies. The favorite? Juve is Juve, but the Champions League is in the lead. Inter have a free mind: dropped from the Champions League to the Europa League, they will focus everything on the league and with Vidal they can do it ".

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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