Fabio Borini: “Let me take the final exams. Yesterday Covid, today the teachers’ holidays .. “

He does not want shortcuts or privileged treatments, he is a footballer but this year he only dreams of being able to take a diploma as a surveyor.

Fabio Borini, an exemplary professional (ex Roma, Sunderland, Liverpool, Chelsea, last year at Milan before moving to Verona) is unable to take the final exams.

Annus horribilis for everyone, in his small pandemic and postponed championship do not allow him to find a free space, a hole to be questioned.

The one at the Corriere della Sera is a real appeal , although it resembles the card of despair, because school times are badly reconciled with sporting events.

“And then they say that footballers are ignorant! – regrets in the interview -. I'm trying them all to get a diploma.

I studied hard, but they don't make me take the exam, I risk wasting a year. First Covid, then the championship every three days and now the school closed for holidays ".

A simple diploma, but he cares, he plans to study to organize a future, a sign that he cares about the piece of paper.

“During the lockdown I studied to take the Surveyors' high school diploma.

I want a diploma because when I stop playing I dream of enrolling in the University, in Architecture.

My idea is to design training centers for football that are functional to staff, players and clubs ".

It is not so simple, it is necessary to overcome the limits of school offices, of territorial competences.

He would like to take the final exam at the Sant'Elia di Cantù institute for surveyors.

"The competence to formulate the calendar of the preliminary tests – writes the manager Roberto Proietto, heard by Corriere della Sera on 4 August – belongs to the school".

By eye, he will have to give up, a shame.

"For me this was a good year – concludes Borini – I don't know where I will play next season, I could also be abroad, so it is as if I had been rejected without taking the exam". (source Corriere della Sera)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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