Ezio Luzzi falls and breaks his shoulder at the “Tuttoilcalcio” party

Ezio Luzzi cade e si rompe la spalla alla festa di "Tuttoilcalcio"

Ezio Luzzi during an episode of Tuttoilcalcio minute by minute (still image from YouTube)

ROME – Bad misfortune for Ezio Luzzi, popular 86-year-old radio commentator, during the party for the 60th anniversary of the radio show "Tuttoilcalcio minute by minute". Ezio Luzzi injured himself while falling while he was going on stage during the ceremony that took place in room B in via Asiago in Rome. After the fall, he was immediately rescued by colleagues Riccardo Cucchi and Filippo Corsini who helped him to get up.

It seemed only a simple fall as Luzzi immediately got up and participated in the event which lasted two and a half hours in total. It was not just a passive resistance, Luzzi laughed, joked and told anecdotes about the adventures he lived in the various stadiums of Italy for "Tuttoilcalcio minute by minute".

In reality, his was only a mask because he had broken his shoulder and was therefore dealing with excruciating pain. Luzzi was operated on at Villa Stuart, and found himself a few rooms away from Nicolò Zaniolo, to whom he wanted to send a video message.

His statements are reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport: "To my roommate and companion of misfortune I wish you all the best for a ready return to the pitch, and in particular, to be able to see him again in the blue shirt for the next European football championships" (source, La Gazzetta dello Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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