Evenepoel, the rescue and a doubt: What do you want to put in your pocket?

Evenepoel, rescue and a doubt: what does the sports director Davide Bramati put in his pocket?

On the day of Ferragosto, Evenepoel was the victim of a terrible accident during the cycling Giro di Lombardia.

Fortunately, the Belgian cyclist was promptly rescued and taken to hospital. Together with the rescuers there was also the ds Davide Bramati.

On social media, a video shows how Bramati took something from Evenepoel's shirt and put it in his pocket. What did he take?

On social media all kinds of inferences have sprung up. Many users have maligned saying that it was something illegal to be removed immediately.

For this reason, Bramati was contacted by the Gazzetta dello Sport. Here is his answer to the Rosea.

“Nothing illegal, I don't understand how you can even think about it – he said -.

I remember well that these were very excited moments and that there was a need to remove the things that were in the area of ​​Remco's back, and not only that, because shortly after he would have to be lying on a stretcher.

So I took away the radio, gel, bar, the 'jar' of sugars and in order not to leave them on the ground I put them in my pocket. There is also another photo in which his helmet is removed. That's all".

The race: a great missed opportunity for the Belgian cyclist.

On August 15th Evenepoel took part in his first Giro di Lombardia; despite being the youngest at the start, he was the big favorite for the win.

The Belgian cyclist has made his whole team work since before the Muro di Sormano: on this climb, thanks to the work of Dries Devenyns, the group was reduced to a few units.

During the descent from the Wall, after an attack by Vincenzo Nibali , to be able to mend the disadvantage he was the victim of a fall, because, mistaking the trajectory of the curve, he hit the wall of a bridge, falling into the slope below.

Promptly assisted, he was found to have a fractured pelvis and a contusion in his right lung (sources La Gazzetta dello Sport and Wikipedia , YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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