Europa League zone, here’s what happens after the triumph of Napoli in the Italian Cup

ROME – Thanks to the triumph of Rome against Juventus, Napoli has guaranteed participation (at least) in the Europa League .

In fact, the team that wins the Italian Cup automatically qualifies for the group stage of the next Europa League . But it doesn't always go there.

If Napoli were to be among the top teams in the league, they would qualify for the Champions League group stage.

In that case, his place in the Europa League would be taken by the seventh place. Or better yet, would be taken from the sixth place because the seventh would be forced to the preliminaries of the Europa League.

But if Napoli were not in the top four, they would participate in the groups of the second European club competition with the fifth place in the championship. In that case, the sixth would be forced to the preliminary rounds.

This year Rome and Lazio participated in the Europa League groups while Turin, after Milan's renunciation, participated in the preliminary rounds of the same competition.

Roma are still in the running for the trophy, they will have to face off against ex-Monchi's Sevilla in the round of 16.

Lazio were eliminated in the Europa League group stage while Torino said goodbye to the competition last summer because they surrendered to the Wolves in the preliminary rounds.

Europa League, the current situation.

If the championship ended today, Roma (fifth) and Napoli (Italian Cup champion) would go to the group stage of the Europa League. Milan, who are seventh, would be forced into the preliminary rounds of this competition.

But the ranking is short, anything can happen. Verona, Parma, Bologna, Sassuolo and Cagliari are also still in the running for qualification for the second European club competition.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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