Europa League: Milan trembles but then fold Dudelange, close qualification. Lazio ko, to the sixteenths from second

Cutrone esulta dopo il gol in Milan-Dudelange (Ansa)

Cutrone celebrates after scoring in Milan-Dudelange (Ansa)

ROME – Milan and Lazio took to the field for the fifth day of the group stage of Europa League. Lazio, which already had the qualification to the finalists in the pocket , was   defeated by Apollon and lost the chance to win the group, will participate in the draw of the round of second-place finishers . Milan won in a comeback against Dudelange , thanks to an excellent performance by Calhanoglu, and consolidated its second place in the standings. To pass the round, the Rossoneri will have two out of three results in the clash against Olympiacos (win or draw).

Milan-Dudelange 5-2, goals: Cutrone 21 ', Stolz 39', Turpel 49 ', own goal by Stelvio 66', Calhanoglu 69 ', own goal by Schnell 77', Fabio Borini 80 '

Ranking : Betis Sevilla 11 (qualified), Milan 10, Olympiacos 7, Dudelange 0.

The goleada (5-2) does not mislead, to save for Milan there is only the round result, which brings the team of Gattuso to the sixteenth of Europa League. It is not a real mortgage but having two out of three results available for the Piraeus trip the Olympiacos, defeated 1-0 by Betis, becomes a beautiful insurance policy.

For over an hour Milan offers a disconcerting performance and for 17 'is even in the grip of fear, under a goal in the bleak frame of San Siro (just 15 thousand spectators) against a team of semi-professional, zero points in the group and without nothing more to ask the tournament: the Rossoneri, who took the lead with Cutrone and then reassembled by Stolz and Turpel, need the best Calhanoglu, thorn in the side on the set pieces, two authorities (Cruz and Schnell) and finally the tap in Borini to overturn the result and avoid the "fool" prophesied by Gattuso on the eve in case of wrong attitude.

And the attitude, especially those of the second lines (Bertolacci and Halilovic above all), can not convince the technician, who desperately has to throw the enlightening Suso into the fray and finds unexpected energy from Mauri ("Arrival from a dark period but I I always train at the maximum "). Even Higuain, in the field for the first time after the personal psychodrama experienced against Juventus, seems to load, despite Gattuso has spurred him to become "leader": the Argentine is limited to a lucky assist for Cutrone and then lays on the rhythmic pace of the companions, who in the final saw limping out Bakayoko for a blow to the ankle. A new alarm in the accident emergency. Milan's good intentions stop just at the goal (21) of the number 63, who arrived at the fourth center in as many Europa League games.

The Dudelange in fact does not suffer behind and is dangerous with some inaccurate reboots: the draw is deserved and arrives at 39 'with a torpedo Stolz after a sleep of Bertolacci on corner. In the second half San Siro expects the boarding of Milan, struck in pride for having suffered the first goal in history from a club in Luxembourg, but instead here is the shock: Bertolacci messes, Zapata imitates him and Turpel makes dry Reina. The stadium becomes ice and not just for the polar temperature of Milan: Gattuso has enough and replaces the impalpable Halilovic and the unrecognizable Bertolacci (caught with whistles from the audience).

This is enough, combined with the excellent quality of the opponents, to play the charge: the 2-2 drives away the fear and arrives with an unfortunate deviation of Cruz on a cross of Calhanoglu. The comeback is completed at 70 'with a razor of Turkish. Then it's all downhill: Schnell re-infects Bennefoi (77 '), then Borini drops the pokerissimo (80') after entering from just 46 seconds (thus becoming the fastest substitute to score in this edition of Europa League). Now the team of Gattuso to continue the race will not be enough to lose to Piraeus.

The highlights of the match

80 'The Dudelange has given up and Borini removes the satisfaction of the goal a few seconds after his entry into the field

77 'Touch of Simic who propitiated Schnell's own goal

69 'Calhanoglu has suspended the Dudelange goalkeeper with a low right-footed shot from long range

66 'Stelvio's own goal on a Calhanoglu cross shot

49 '- Turpel signs overtaking. Clamorous advantage of the Dudelange at San Siro. Turpel has solved a melee in favor of his team

39 '- Draw the Dudelange. Stolz beat Pepe Reina with an unequivocal right that ended his run under the cross of the poles.

21 '- Milan goal. Cutrone was served in the penalty area of ​​Dudelange and turned from a true bomber of race not giving escape to the goalkeeper Bonnefoi.

Milan (4-4-2): Reina; Calabria, Simic, Zapata, Laxalt; Halilovic, Bakayoko, Bertolacci, Calhanoglu; Higuain, Cutrone.

Dudelange (3-5-1-1): Bonnefoi; Prempeh, Cruz, Schnell; Jordanov, Stolz, Kruska, Couturier, Melisse; Sinani; Turpel.

Apollon-Lazio 2-0, goal: Faupala 32 'and Markovic 82'

Ranking : Frankfurt 15 (qualified as first), Lazio 9 (qualified as second), Apollon 4 and Marseille 1.

If trying to win the Europa League group H was the goal of Simone Inzaghi, the coach was not able to pass it on to the team. Against the Apollon (who had never beaten an Italian) was a Lazio off, timid, sometimes confused. So, thanks to the reversal to the CR7 of the carneade David Faupala (31 'of the first half) and the counterattack goal by Markovic (37' of the second half) came the defeat you do not expect.

Meanwhile, the Eintracht, more and more owner of the group, asphalt Marseille (4-0), turning off each others hope of record. Simone Inzaghi leaves home many owners and at the end he pays duty. He does not feel like risking Immobile, Milinkovic, Parolo, Luis Alberto, Radu. With the transition to 16 / mi already in my pocket, the thought goes to the trip to Chievo's home. Lazio 'B', but with a respectable couple of attack with Caicedo and Correa, gives space to players who have to put minutes in the legs like Murgia, Durmisi, Valon Berisha.

Just as Lazio tries to grow and take the field, the spectacular advantage of the Cypriots arrives surprisingly in the 31st minute. On the cross of Joao Pedro, Faupala mocked the soft marking of Luiz Felipe and scored a goal from the film library that left the Biancocelesti doll until the end of the time.

The ground soaked by the rain that fell shortly before the match tarnishes the highest technical rate of Lazio even at the beginning of recovery. So many mistakes in the dribble stage, someone for superficiality. Unlike the attitude of the players dell'Apollon, who even out of the tournament, damn on every ball.

At 15 'double change: Lulic and Alessandro Rossi (debut in Europe) in place of Bastos and Murgia. Lazio now pushes more and Bruno Vale rejects a shot by Durmisi. But it is Apollon who still passes, with the substitute Markovic. Lazio is still a possession of the ball and an evening to forget.

The highlights of the match

32 'Goal of the Apollon. Faupala takes Cypriots ahead with spectacular acrobatics

APOLLON LIMASSOL (4-2-3-1) : Bruno Vale; Joao Pedro, Roberge, Ouedraogo, Soumah; Spoljaric, Sachetti; Sardinero, Markovic, Schembri, Faupala. Available Kissas, Stylianou, Vasiliou, Maglica, Pereyra, Zelaya, Papoulis, Psychas. All . Augousti.

Unavailable: Carayol, Yuste, Bru
Disqualified: –

LAZIO (3-5-2): Proto; Bastos, Luiz Felipe, Acerbi; Caceres, Murgia, Cataldi, Berisha, Durmisi; Correa; Caicedo. Available Alia, Guerrieri, Armini, Lulic, Rezzi, Rossi. All . Inzaghi.

Unavailable: Leiva

REFEREE : Roi Reinshreiber (ISR)
ASSISTANTS: Krasikowz and Biton
IV MAN : Mozes
ADDITIONAL: Frid and Natan

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