Eriksson-Harder, kiss at the Women’s World Cup unites Sweden with Denmark

Eriksson-Harder, bacio al Mondiale Femminile unisce Svezia a Danimarca

Eriksson-Harder, Kiss at the Women's World Cup joins Sweden to Denmark (YouTube image)

PARIS – The kiss between Magdalena Eriksson and Pernille Harder depopulated on all social networks. This is an extremely significant image because Eriksson is one of the stars of Sweden, a National who arrived at the French World Cup after eliminating Harder's Denmark in the World Cup qualifiers.

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Pernille Harder is not only a player of the Danish National Team but is also Magdalena Eriksson's girlfriend and is following this World Cup, supporting Sweden who is the team that eliminated Denmark from the World Cup.

The love for her partner Magdalena Eriksson has made her forget this huge disappointment and is making her wear another National team's jersey, that of Sweden, even if only as a fan.

The photo depopulated on every social network and really hit everyone for the spontaneity with which these two players kiss passionately in public. It is the sharing of a great warm joy, immediately after the final whistle of the referee.

Sweden has qualified for the quarter-finals of the Women's World Cup currently underway in France. Sweden is already among the top eight in the world and in the quarterfinals will have to deal with the very strong Germany. The Germans start with the favors of the prediction but the Swedes will sell the skin dearly.

Speaking of outsiders, the challenge between our Italian national team and the Netherlands stands out in the other quarter-final. Also in this case the Dutch start with the favors of the prediction but the Italians want to continue to amaze on a worldwide basis.

They close the quarter-finals, two great challenges. United States-France is an early final while Norway-England is a race with very high technical content.

Videos from the YouTube channel "Tuitealo" with the kiss between Eriksson and Harder.

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