English football starts again, Arsenal is the first club to start training again

LONDON (ENGLAND) – English football is about to return like Italian football .

Arsenal should be the first club to return to the pitch, at least for training.

Obviously the training must be carried out safely, according to the " German model " which will also be applied in Italy.

It is called the German model because the Bundesliga players have made jurisprudence since they were the first to start training again.

Arsenal, the training starts with rotation and social distancing.

Arsenal will return to training on the pitch from next week.

Players will have access to the training fields, but based on a rigorous rotation with the maintenance of social distancing.

According to a spokesman for the club, "players will have access to the training ground in London Colney but access will be limited, carefully managed and social distances will be maintained at all times. All Colney buildings will remain closed, players will travel alone, perform their individual training and return home. "

Arsenal was the first Premier League club to agree on a pay cut with players and coaches who cut their wages by 12.5 percent.

The club will return the money to the players if they bridge an eight-point gap and qualify for the Champions League when they return to play. (source ANSA-AFP).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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