England revolutionizes football with temporary expulsion: this is how it works

Inghilterra espulsione temporanea calcio

England wants to revolutionize football with the introduction of temporary expulsion (photo Ansa)

LONDON – It is not enough for England to have invented the game of football, now it also wants to revolutionize it. From next year, temporary expulsion will be applied as a sanction. This provision will not yet affect the Premier League but will affect the fifth to seventh category (male and female) of the National League System, corresponding to the ninth, tenth and eleventh level of English football.

This decision would have been taken after seeing the excellent results that the application of temporary expulsion has provided in other team games such as water polo and rugby (very popular throughout Britain).

England, temporary expulsion to reduce bad behavior of players.

As Fox Sports writes on its website, temporary expulsion in England has already been tried out among amateurs, leading to positive comments from all the consulted components. The percentages justify the Football Association: 84% of the referees, but also 72% of the players who took part in the tests agreed that it was an important innovation.

Not only that, as Fox Sports continues, the data provided by the FA show that behaviors outside the rules have been reduced by 38% by implementing temporary expulsion.

And just the Football Association CEO, Mark Bullingham, commented on the project to introduce temporary expulsion into English football: “The testing phase showed an enormous and positive impact on the behavior of the players. Our intention is for this to reach all categories, to make football more fun and fair ”.

But how does temporary expulsion work? Simple. The referee shows the yellow card to the wrong player and with both arms indicates the side line of the field; at that point the player must leave and remain out of the field for ten minutes. In the meantime, obviously, the coach will not be able to replace the element submitted to the provision (source Fox Sports).

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