England, quarantine for foreigners: Champions and Europa League at risk

LONDON (ENGLAND) – In the UK there will be no discount for the world of football.

Players from foreign teams who will be coming to the United Kingdom to play in European cups will have to undergo mandatory quarantine .

This UK decree makes it impossible for British teams to participate in European cups.

At least that the English companies decide to play the matches in another nation that has different rules.

If a team arrives in England for a game, it cannot be quarantined.

This would make it impossible to dispute the race itself.

Manchester City and Chelsea in the Champions League , Manchester United, Wolverhampton and Rangers Glasgow in the Europa League are apprehensive.

As said, there are only two possible ways .

Either waivers are granted to foreign teams , or those from the UK will have to play matches elsewhere.

Otherwise, UK clubs would be kicked out of the European cups.

UEFA wants to end its two competitions at all costs and does not accept further setbacks .

If the United Kingdom were not to show flexibility, the clubs would play their games in other countries .

On the other hand, it makes no difference to play at home, away or in a neutral field since the games will be played behind closed doors.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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