Empoli-Napoli, the Campanian supporters take off on the color of the shirt and the time

Empoli-Napoli, i tifosi campani se la prendono con il colore della maglia e con l'orario

Empoli-Napoli, the fans of Campania take off on the color of the shirt and the timetable (photo Ansa)

EMPOLI – Napoli lost in Empoli but the Neapolitan fans are not so taken by this defeat, as by the color of the jersey and the start time of the match. The race started at 7pm on a working day like Wednesday. Many could not look at her because she was at work, or they were returning home, and few could reach the stadium in time. What is valid for local fans but even more for Neapolitan fans.

Empoli-Napoli, how many protests for the gray jersey of Campania.

The other big social protest was for the color of the Napoli shirt. The team coached by Carlo Ancelotti took to the field at Castellani with an unprecedented gray jersey. This chromatic choice did not please the vast majority of Napoli fans. These fans do not consider it in line with the historic colors of Napoli. Others have written that it brings bad luck because the performance of Napoli was negative.

It is also true that the team led by Carlo Ancelotti had the head of the next commitments, especially at the Europa League match against Arsenal. Ancelotti has made a large turnover to preserve most of his stars. Napoli-Arsenal is the most important game of the season for the Neapolitans because the Scudetto has faded for some time for the benefit of Juventus.

The Empoli-Napoli article , the Campanian fans take it out on the color of the shirt and with the time it seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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