Empoli, Courses: “Traorè-Fiorentina null agreement. Will go elsewhere “

Empoli, Corsi: "Traorè-Fiorentina accordo nullo. Andrà altrove"

Empoli, Courses: “Traorè-Fiorentina null agreement. He will go elsewhere "(photo ANSA / RICCARDO ANTIMIANI)

EMPOLI – "We are metabolizing relegation, knowing that we have done everything possible to give us great satisfaction that has not arrived. We must turn the page and Empoli from this experience comes out much strengthened in the image and in the affection. All of Italy showed us solidarity with respect to what was decreed by the camp ". Thus the president of Empoli Fabrizio Corsi, who also talks about the market.

Empoli, Corsi: “Di Lorenzo-Napoli is not yet done. Nothing Fiorentina for Traorè ”.

" Di Lorenzo al Napoli ? There is interest but there was no meeting to define – he reveals – and I don't know what can happen ". "On Traorè I am embarrassed – notes Corsi -: I have tried to conceal this situation as much as possible out of respect for Fiorentina. But the signed documents were not deposited before January 31st and therefore are no longer worth anything.

They asked for a supplement of medical examinations, we did them and the player is perfectly healthy: I can say that the player is not from Fiorentina but from Empoli. In Serie A there are 3 most important Fiorentina clubs that want it ".

Traorè and Di Lorenzo were the two players with the highest performance in Empoli who until the last moment hoped to stay in Serie A (source: Ansa).

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