Ekdal jumps Sampdoria-Milan due to injury: “They opened my knee …”

Ekdal salta Sampdoria-Milan per infortunio: "Mi hanno aperto il ginocchio..."

Ekdal jumps Sampdoria-Milan due to injury: "They opened my knee …". Photo EPA / ANATOLY MALTSEV

STOCKHOLM – Sweden fatal for Albin Ekdal. The Sampdoria midfielder was hurt during the match between Sweden and Norway, valid for the qualifications at the next European football championship "Euro 2020". After the match, the Sampdoria midfielder showed up at SVT Sport's microphones to talk about his injury that won't allow him to play next Saturday's big match against Milan. Giampaolo hopes to recover it at least for the match against Torino.

Ekdal scares Sampdoria, his statements about the injury

"I have two obvious knee injuries, they opened it a little. I kicked and realized something had happened. Soon after they sewed me in two places. The wound was open, flesh and blood could be seen. We had to sew immediately. How long to heal? I have no idea. Now it's early. I'll be back at Sampdoria tomorrow, then we'll see how it goes. I think I'll have it for a week or two. "

Alessio Romagnoli also spoke of Sampdoria-Milan since the withdrawal of the Italian national football team. The Milan defender focused on the extraordinary moment of form by his team-mate Fabio Quagliarella: "Quagliarella is very strong. I've played against it many times. I know him well, we know him well in Milan but we will try to do everything to win the game but it will not be easy to stop it ”.

The Ekdal article skips Sampdoria-Milan due to injury: "They opened my knee …" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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