Ekdal against homophobia: “Professional football drives homosexuals away”

Ekdal scende in campo contro l'omofobia nel mondo del calcio durante una intervista a Sportbladet

Ekdal takes the field against homophobia in the world of football during an interview with Sportbladet

GENOA – Albin Ekdal, a football player for Sampdoria and the Swedish national team, took to the field against homophobia in football. During an interview with Sportbladet, and reported by itasportpress.it, Ekdal did not use words to say that professional football drives homosexuals away.

In declaring this, Ekdal immediately disassociated himself from this attitude that does not allow homosexuals to declare their love for a teammate or another person without feeling uncomfortable.

Below are the statements made by Albin Ekdal to Sportbladet and reported by itasportpress.it.

Ekdal: "It is right that homosexuals are free to express their feelings without feeling uncomfortable."

"They say there are no homosexual players. But how do you draw this conclusion? I played soccer in the two biggest championships in the world, participating in European cups and also in the World Cup. I have never been in the field with a footballer who was openly homosexual.

The problem could not be clearer: professional football drives homosexuals away, puts pressure on children not to externalize those they love "" We must help those who think they are giving up so as not to be laughed at, that they may have heard the word 'fagot' used as an insult in the locker room.

It is not the responsibility of the individual, but mine, ours, of everyone to make sure that he does not have to ask for courage. It should be easy to tell someone to be in love. All I can do is welcome everyone in the world of football and others cannot do otherwise.

If we do it all together on every possible occasion, on every bus trip, on the road, in any locker room, there will no longer be this problem in the future "(sources Sportbladet and itasportpress.it).

The Ekdal article against homophobia: "Professional football drives homosexuals away" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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