Egypt, record-breaking Ezzeldin Bahader: he scored a goal at 75

Ezzeldin Bahader da record: ha segnato un gol a 75 anni

Record-breaking Ezzeldin Bahader: scored a 75-year-old goal (freeze frame from YouTube video)

CAIRO (EGYPT) – 75-year-old Ezzeldin Bahader has rewritten the history of football. With his penalty goal in the 90th minute, during a Serie C match in Egypt, he broke the record of Kazu Miura , who had hit the net at 50. Not only that, taking the field at his age, he broke the record that had previously been set by Hayk at 73 years old.

Playing and scoring in Egyptian football's Serie C, Bahader scored a great many records. Ezzeldin Bahader is the oldest player to have taken the field in a professional football game. The 75-year-old broke the record of Itzhak Hayk (Iraq), who took the field at 73, and Robert Carmon (Uruguay), who played a game at 53. No one, however, had scored a goal at his age. Kazu Miura, a former Genoa player who is still in business, went online at 50 but is far from 75-year-old Bahader.

At the end of the match, as reported by the BBC, Bahader himself commented on his goal. "I became the oldest to score in an official game and I managed it at the last minute of the game, when I thought it would not have happened because I was injured, but I continued to play for the whole 90 minutes and I will also play the next game" (YouTube video).

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