Dzeko does not go to Inter, Nainggolan congratulates him and is insulted by the Nerazzurri fans

Dzeko Inter Nainggolan insultato tifosi Instagram

The story published on Instagram by Radja Nainggolan after offensive comments from Inter fans for her compliments to Dzeko

MILAN – Radja Nainggolan no longer plays for Inter, but remains in the crosshairs of Nerazzurri fans. The Belgian midfielder congratulated Edin Dzeko who has just renewed his contract with Roma by refusing Inter. The Ninja wrote him under the photo where he celebrated the renewal of the contract with Roma: "Big brother, you are the best!"

Open up the sky. Nainggolan was immediately heavily insulted by Inter fans who were disappointed that Dzeko had not been purchased. At that point the Ninja became angry and decided to let off steam through an Instagram story: "Now one cannot compliment an ex-partner / friend who is slaughtered … This thing makes me laugh". Then a message for Dzeko: "You always remain the best for me".

Nainggolan didn't just limit himself to this, he also reminded Inter fans that: "I did the same with Lukaku when he signed with Inter, wake up". Nainggolan's posts angered the Inter fans but they were greeted with enthusiasm by the Roma fans who never forgot him. Nainggolan has always shown great attachment to the Giallorossi shirt which, together with that of Cagliari, is certainly his favorite team.

When he played at Inter, Radja Nainggolan returned to Rome several times, on days when he wasn't training, to find old friends and former teammates. The bond between Nainggolan and the city of Rome goes beyond his career as a professional footballer.

The news of the failed arrival of Edin Dzeko at Inter has upset the Nerazzurri fans who already saw him with the shirt of their heart club paired with the other striker just arrived, or Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian striker really came from Manchester United, Dzeko instead preferred to extend his contract with Roma.

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