Dybala tells the coronavirus: “Cough, tiredness and headache. At the beginning I was afraid “

ROME – Paulo Dybala , positive for Coronavirus since 21 March, said he had spent difficult days: “I had a bad cough, I felt tired and when I slept I felt cold. At the beginning I didn't think about what it could be but the thing had happened to two other companions (Rugani and Matuidi, ed) and the last one was me. We had headaches, but it was advisable not to take anything. The club gave us vitamins and over time we felt better. "

“It's a psychological thing – he told AFA Play -, at first you are afraid but now it's okay. In these days we have had no symptoms – continued Joya -. Before I got tired faster. I wanted to train but after five minutes I was already out of breath. And there we understood that something was not right, then the tests revealed that we were positive for the virus ".

Dybala also spoke to the Argentine media about the Italian situation: “Every day many people die here, things go very badly. Cases are no longer managed, which is why many countries have sent their doctors. It is not a caz **** you have to be careful. People have to stay home. "

Oriana Sabatini , girlfriend of the number 10 of Juventus, was also positive about the coronavirus: “I never panicked – he tells in an interview with the website of the Portuguese magazine Caras – because when I was positive I thought that the young people were not very impressed you become aware of things when your body is trying them ”.

“Not much is known about the virus – he says – our doctors have advised us not to train, but they have not given us drugs, since there are no medicines, but they have given us vitamins and effervescents. I've already had a negative test, but I have to take a second test. "

Sabatini also said that she and the Juventus striker thought of leaving Italy by plane: "We also wanted to go to Dubai, where there is no danger, because here in Italy the situation is difficult then we discarded the idea. The wisest thing to do is to stay at home and wait for everything to end. " (sources AFA PLAY, CARAS)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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