Dybala-Oriana Sabatini, which I kiss on Instagram PHOTO

Dybala Oriana Sabatini foto bacio Instagram

The kiss published on Instagram between Dybala and Oriana Sabatini

BUENOS AIRES – The love story between Juventus and Argentina's national football player Paulo Dybala and Argentine actress and showgirl Oriana Sabatini is doing very well. The couple just shared a photo on Instagram with a passionate kiss. After dismissing the romantic relationship with Antonella Cavalieri, Dybala found a smile with Oriana Sabatini.

Who is Oriana Sabatini.

Oriana Sabatini is an actress and showgirl who is very popular in Argentina both for her artistic qualities and for the fact that she is a daughter of art because her father is an actor and entrepreneur, while her mother – Catherine Fulop – is an actress Venezuelan. But it does not end there, the Sabatini has a sculpted body because it has the sport in the blood since it is the niece of the tennis player Gabriela Sabatini.

The Sabatini has become popular in Argentina thanks to the «Aliados» soap opera. From there she started to be seen as a style icon for young Argentines and many fashion companies decided to focus on her as a woman image.

Sabatini is also considered an influencer because it is followed by millions of followers and her posts receive an average of 500,000 likes. Dybala started courting her when he was still engaged to Antonella Cavalieri. The tests are many messages with little hearts posted by Dybala himself on Sabatini's official Instagram profile.

What will be the future of Dybala? The Argentine is between Juve and Psg …

Before leaving for the America's Cup, Dybala had decided to stay at Juventus after the farewell of the "enemy" Allegri. The Argentine striker was (and probably still is) convinced that he could raise at high levels with Sarri but in the last few days he received a proposal from the PSG that would be making him falter.

The French want it to replace the departing Neymar, which is why some media have hypothesized the exchange between the Argentine and the Brazilian with an adjustment to the PSG.

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