Drunk Gascoigne on the field against Maradona: “I was destroyed and Diego replied ‘me too'”

LONDON (ENGLAND) – Paul Gascoigne's anecdote about Diego Armando Maradona .

The English midfielder has gone back in time to talk about his old challenge to the Argentine champion.

Gascoigne referred to the friendly match between his Lazio and Maradona's Sevilla dated 10 November 1992.

The race ended on the score one by one with goals by Pineda and Gascoigne himself but this is not the interesting thing about his story …

According to "Magpie", both he and Maradona had gone into the field drunk .

The statements of the ex Lazio player during an interview with "The Athletic" are reported by sport.sky.it.

“I remember playing a friendly game against Maradona's Sevilla in Spain after spending three days in a row drinking at Disneyland .

In the locker room tunnel I told Diego I was destroyed, in pieces.

He replied: 'Don't worry, me too'. "

Magpie joined Lazio after playing seven years in the Premier League between Tottenham and Newcastle.

The former football player of the English national team remained in the capital for three years, from 1992 to 1995.

During his Roman experience, he played 47 games , between league and cup, scoring six goals.

In Italy, Gascoigne has failed to win trophies but his class has not gone unnoticed.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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