Doping swimming, Filippo Magnini acquitted by Tas of Lausanne: disqualification canceled

Filippo Magnini assolto accusa doping: annullata la squalifica

Filippo Magnini acquitted doping charge: disqualification canceled (Photo archive ANSA)

ROME – Filippo Magnini was arrested for 4 years after a disqualification of doping in swimming. The Italian champion was acquitted by the Tas of Lausanne of the doping charge that had cost him the disqualification. Magnini commented: "I knew I hadn't done anything wrong, it has finally been proven."

The 38-year-old swimmer had been joined by a four-year ban imposed by the Italian TNA, both in first and second instance and to Repubblica he explained: “I kept my eyes down, when they asked me to pose for a photograph I thought they didn't know what it had happened to me. I knew I hadn't done anything wrong, it has finally been proven. I will tell my whole story in a book that will be released on March 24 for Sperling & Kuper. It will be called 'the resistance of water', I finished writing it today ”.

After the suspension was canceled, Magnini on social media said: “I won. Tas acquitted me completely. It has always been like this, I have always won races in the last few meters. They taught me never to give up. I have always been an athlete and a correct person. I tremble with joy. "

At Ansa the swimmer said: “I won, I dreamed and waited for the truth to come out: that day has come and now I am the happiest person in the world. I have always had confidence in these very hard years, I have been bent over by these accusations but I have not been broken. I send everyone a positive message: never give up if you are right the truth comes out, things can work. Your captain is back, anything can happen. "

(Source ANSA and Repubblica)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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