Donnarumma, injury in Milan-Udinese: is it likely to miss Juve as Paqueta?

Donnarumma, infortunio in Milan-Udinese: rischia di saltare la Juve come Paqueta?

Donnarumma, injury in Milan-Udinese: is it likely to miss Juventus as Paqueta? (photo Ansa)

MILAN – Nightmare period for Gigio Donnarumma. The Milan goalkeeper was back from the sensational duck against Sampdoria, who had condemned the Rossoneri to defeat in Genoa, and today he was forced to leave the field after just 12 minutes due to a muscular problem after a complicated footwork.

The Milan medical staff will have to clarify if the goalkeeper has left the field as a precaution, or if he seriously risks to miss the big match next Saturday against Juventus. At the moment, it's too early to know for sure.

Donnarumma and Paqueta, injuries in Milan-Udinese.

Donnarumma is not the only player to have come out with broken bones from the home game against Udinese, after 41 minutes of play Lucas Paqueta was also released due to injury. The Brazilian champion was replaced by Samu Castillejo after an unnatural movement to his right ankle. Also in this case, it will be the findings of the Milan medical staff to shed some light. Paqueta and the Milan goalkeeper are likely to miss the cartel match against Juventus in the next round of the championship.

After the duck against Sampdoria, Gigio Donnarumma was forced to receive the golden tapir of Striscia la Notizia. The Milan goalkeeper admitted his gross error and responded with kindness to Valerio Staffelli's provocative questions.

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