Donnarumma duck, Defrel scores after 36 seconds

Papera di Donnarumma, Defrel segna dopo 36 secondi

Donnarumma duck, Defrel scores after 36 seconds

GENOA – Sampdoria-Milan was unlocked after 36 seconds by a goal from Defrel. Network that was practically donated by Gigio Donnarumma. The Italian National goalkeeper has really combined it. After receiving a back pass, Donnarumma accidentally passed the ball to Defrel and the Sampdoria striker scored without problems on a practically empty goal. Gigio Donnarumma came from a very positive period between Milan and the National team, but this duck will make him fall back into the storm of criticism.

Donnarumma is not new to ducks of this type. In the past he committed a virtually identical mistake during a Pescara-Milan event dated 5 May 2017. This year his heaviest duck was the one in the forward derby. Inter won the derby with a headed goal at the last minute. A goal propitiated by a sensational, empty exit by Gigio Donnarumma. The Milan goalkeeper was fiercely criticized for the mistake that gave the cousins ​​victory. Despite these errors, Gattuso has always defended him and never questioned his ownership.

Duck of Donnarumma against Sampdoria, how many criticisms on social media.

Here are some comments posted by users on social media after the serious error of Donnarumma. "#Quagliarella that goes from #Donnarumma, stabiese like him, to cheer him up after the clamorous mistake in starting #SampdoriaMilan instead of cheering with #Defrel. That is why it deserves all that is coming to it this year "," Donnarumma ca ** o fai "," You are as beautiful as a duck of #Donnarumma #SampMilan "," Donnarumma's mistake is incommentabile … the only thing it can be said is that we continue to face the high pressures of our opponents by lowering ourselves, with continuous passages to the goalkeeper and attracting our opponents in our 3/4. #SampdoriaMilan "," Madonna Donnarumma really incommentabile "," Milan starts well … .. with a PAPERONA di Donnarumma !!! "" Donnarumma returns to Draft and we return to suffer !!!! Give him the salary !!!!!! #sampmilan "," With all due respect to Donnarumma, but maybe it's a record? The fastest duck ever?   #SampMilan ”and many others.

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