Does De Rossi leave Boca in January? Fiorentina is also on him

Daniele De Rossi, Ansa

Daniele De Rossi (photo Ansa)

ROME – Will Daniele De Rossi leave Boca Juniors in January? These days there has been much talk in the newspapers about the relationship that has become increasingly complicated between the former captain of Rome and the Argentine club. In fact, due to many physical problems, for now De Rossi has managed to play a few games with the Boca shirt.

The total minutes played so far are 336, not really many, with five total appearances and only two from start to finish. So much so that the Argentine press, after the initial enthusiasm, now begins to ask itself a few questions.

"The enthusiasm and the revolution that had generated his arrival – we read, for example, on La Nacion – went quickly fading. The media that marked him as a man every day slipped away and the fans who imagined him as the pivot of the team are getting used to seeing him on the bench or more often in the stands ”.

"In terms of image, the arrival of De Rossi has so far proved to be a success. However – concludes La Nacion – the expected results have not reached the sporting level ".

In short, something is not working between De Rossi and Boca. So much so that now De Rossi begins to be compared to other teams. Also Italian. Who? For example, Fiorentina.

De Rossi, writes La Nazione , “could choose and decide to finish the Argentine experience in advance and to start looking for a location. And the return to Italy, for sure, he wouldn't mind. Rather. Hence the (concrete) possibility that De Rossi's shares return to being listed on the stock exchange of those clubs that had also sought it last July and among these is above all Fiorentina. Of course, now the purple median is already complete, but a graft like this – from experience and charisma – would go to raise the quality rate of the Montella group and to widen the choice of the coach when making the best training . The one to run towards Europe and realize the dreams of the fans ".

Is it true? All that remains is to wait.

Source: La Nacion, La Nazione, La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Does the De Rossi article leave Boca in January? Fiorentina also appears to be the first on Blitz daily .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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