Dj Cooper, the basketball player is pregnant with doping tests: replace the tubes

Dj Cooper bara all'antidoping e risulta incinto

Dj Cooper in action

ROME – By dint of exchanging urine tubes for doping tests, they eventually caught him: the Chicago-born basketball player Dj Cooper, on a Bosnian team, was disqualified for two years.

The last check had given an extravagant result: the playmaker who wanted to come to play Cantù technically was pregnant, pregnant. From the analyzes, the International Basketball Federation has discovered the presence of a hormone produced by the placenta and that can be detected by tests for pregnancy.

It was evidently the urine of a compliant friend. The US athlete was disqualified for fraud: in these days he was about to obtain Bosnian citizenship. He will have to give it up, like the basketball courts.

The Dj Cooper article , the basketball player is pregnant with doping tests: having replaced the tubes seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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