Diletta Leotta, new curtain with Ibrahimovic on Instagram. She drinks coffee and he …

New curtain on social networks between Ibrahimovic and Diletta Leotta. The latest published story portrays the journalist drinking a coffee but the attacker arrives behind her.

Diletta Leotta shared a video that portrays her while relaxing with a coffee, complete with a comment "Then I'll go back to training, I promise".

While sipping coffee, behind her passes Zlatan Ibrahimovic , who re-shared the video on her profile, writing: "The usual slacker".

It is the second episode after the "scolded" received a few days ago by Diletta Leotta by Ibra who reproached her for "relaxing" too much after a workout.

The feeling between the two continues and on the web there are already those who wait for the third chapter of the saga. (source INSTAGRAM)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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