Diletta Leotta discharged by Scardina during the ballet, the better the broom …

MIAMI (UNITED STATES) – US quarantine for Diletta Leotta . The star of the streaming platform Dazn has decided to spend this period of isolation at the home of her boyfriend .

Leotta's partner is Daniele Scardina , a boxer who is known by the nickname " King Toretto ".

La Leotta made his acquaintance while working for Dazn .

Diletta was following a boxing match, which saw Scardina as the protagonist, for the Dazn app.

At the ringside the love between the two was born. From then on they are inseparable .

Being in quarantine is bad, especially because you suffer from coronavirus outside but this isolation has turned into an opportunity for Diletta and Toretto to spend some time together.

In recent months, they had seen little because they lived on two different continents (to start with) and because they had a lot of work commitments .

As is known, Leotta lives in Milan but moves throughout Italy to follow sporting events for Dazn (especially football matches …).

Scardina , on the other hand, lives in Miami, in the United States, to be followed by the best boxing coaches. Toretto returns to Italy only for boxing matches .

During this quarantine, Leotta and Scardina are carrying out various activities. Everything is published on their social networks.

The most popular posts? Those on the kitchen or training . But not only … in the last post, Leotta and Scardina were the protagonists of a ballet in the kitchen.

At some point in this ballet, Scardina decided to "give up" the Leotta who evidently had not lived up to her expectations.

Then Scardina joked saying: " The broom dances better than you …" . The curtain ended with the laughter of both.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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