Diletta Leotta at dinner with Ibrahimovic, in Milan there is no mention of anything else

Diletta Leotta and Ibrahimovic at dinner in a trendy restaurant in Milan. According to Chi, who reports this news, the conductor of Dazn broke up with Scardina.

According to a gossip news launched on the net by 'Chi' and reported by Corriere dello Sport , there would have been a dinner in a trendy restaurant in Milan between Diletta Leotta and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

According to the reconstruction of 'Chi', Leotta may have returned single after her relationship with the boxer Daniele Scardina. What is 'Who' based on? On two elements.

The first is that Scardina would be spending a holiday in Ibiza with friends and without Diletta Leotta, the second is a social clue since the two have no longer appeared together on social networks.

But let's go back to the 'strange couple' formed by Leotta and Ibrahimovic.

Meanwhile, it must be said that the two are in business because both are brand ambassadors of Buddyfit, an app for home workouts, which was snapped up during the quarantine.

But according to what was written by 'Chi', the meeting at the restaurant "La Bullona" would not have been just a business dinner. In fact, the two would have stayed in the structure until half past one in the morning.

'Who' talks about a dinner that would take place after AC Milan's victory against Parma. Not surprisingly, Leotta would have presented herself with a breathtaking red and black dress that Ibra would have loved …

At the moment 'Chi' has not added further details but this gossip bomb has exploded and on social media and in Milan there is no mention of anything else.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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