Did Petagna pay for Rodman’s video message? Spal striker’s reply

FERRARA – On social media there is nothing more than the video message sent by Dennis Rodman to Andrea Petagna on Instagram.

The news caused even more sensation because it arrived shortly after the conclusion of " The Last Dance ", the most watched Netflix series in Italy ever.

In this series we retraced the deeds of Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls .

One of the stars of this team was Rodman.

The former Bulls player has always been on the cover for his hair of all colors, for his stunts off the pitch and for his romantic relationships with stars like Madonna and Carmen Electra.

Petagna is certainly on the launch pad after being purchased by Napoli but obviously does not reach, even in the slightest, Rodman's popularity levels.

So everyone was surprised by the ex-Bulls initiative.

So the social people started their investigations …

According to some, Petagna would have paid 500 euros to receive this video message from Rodman.

This is possible because there is a website called "Cameo", which we had already talked about about Tyson , which offers these services.

Shortly after this insinuation on him, Petagna posted a story on Instagram where he showed how Rodman also sent him a private message.

With this story Petagna wanted to demonstrate that in reality there was a first social approach by the ex-Bulls player.

But how things really went we will never find out … (YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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