Did Neymar get expelled to PSG-Bordeaux to go to the Rio Carnival?

Neymar, espulsione senza senso in Psg-Bordeaux per andare al Carnevale di Rio?

Neymar, expulsion to Psg-Bordeaux to go to the Rio Carnival? (photo Ansa)

ROME – Did Neymar get expelled to go to the Rio Carnival ? The comments of the usual thugs are wasted, after the seemingly senseless gesture of the Brazilian striker in the final minutes of Paris Saint Germain-Bordeaux. And so the player will jump for disqualification the next PSG match in Ligue One, just in the week in which the most famous Carnival in the world is celebrated. Carnival which Neymar had always participated in for the past 6 years. Who knows what he will do now …

Neymar and the expulsion against Bordeaux.

The facts: we are in the final minutes of the match between PSG and Bordeaux, with the Parisians leading 4-3. Neymar, already admonished for protests, commits a very severe foul on Adil, a foul that is worth the second yellow card and the consequent expulsion. It seems yet another crazy gesture of a player who, if he had another head, perhaps he could aspire to be at the level of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Then, on social media, someone starts to malign: "Do you want to see that he did it on purpose?".

The announcement of the absence at the Carnival.

Neymar, a great regulary of the Rio Carnival, had felt compelled to announce his absence even with a video posted on his social profiles: “With immense happiness I announce that I will not be at the 2020 Carnival. That's all, this time there won't be controversy. Thank you and happy Carnival! ”, He said laughing.

The case of Edmundo.

The Rio Carnival has always had a particular appeal on Brazilian footballers (and on Brazilians in general). In Italy the case of Edmundo is famous, who left Fiorentina for weeks (then in full struggle for the Scudetto) to go and enjoy samba and floats. (Source: SportMediaset and Instagram).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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