Did Icardi lose the penalties after the captain’s armband? Today, Perisic marked it

Icardi, dopo la fascia da capitano ha perso anche i rigori? Oggi lo ha segnato Perisic

Did Icardi lose the penalties after the captain's armband? Today, Perisic marked it

FROSINONE – After losing the captain's armband, which is now on the arm of Samir Handanovic, Icardi may have also lost the penalty kicks. Today, during the first half of the match between Frosinone and Inter, the Argentine striker took the ball as soon as the referee awarded the Nerazzurri a penalty kick for Chibsah's foul, which was also booked, on Milan Skriniar .

Icardi, no penalty against Frosinone. The Perisic marks it.

In short, Icardi believed he could kick a penalty like in the old days, when he was the untouchable rigorist of the Nerazzurri but today it did not happen that way. Before he could fix the ball on the disk, he was stopped by Ivan Perisic. A conversation was born between the two, Sky Sport commentators spoke of "private negotiation", which ended with the ball in the hands of Ivan Perisic.

Icardi has not kicked the penalty and the execution has passed to teammate Ivan Perisic. Perisic scored and Icardi went to hug him after Inter's momentary 2-0 goal from Frosinone. Perisic did the same after Icardi's goal at Genoa.

Was it an exchange of courtesies, given that Perisic had let Icardi play against Genoa , or the new Inter penalty-taker is Perisic? Luciano Spalletti has not clarified the situation and on the Sky Sport microphones he stated that "Both Perisic and Icardi are excellent rigorists. He has to kick whoever is better off at that moment in the game … ".

Did the Icardi article lose the penalties after the captain's armband? Today it has marked him Perisic seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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