Di Lorenzo-Napoli, is made: Thursday medical visits to Rome

Di Lorenzo-Napoli, è fatta: giovedì le visite mediche a Roma

Di Lorenzo-Napoli, is made: Thursday medical visits to Rome. Photo ANSA / GIANNI NUCCI

NAPLES – The first shot of the transfer market is Naples . It's done, Giovanni Di Lorenzo will be the first Napoli reinforcement for next season. As Il Corriere dello Sport writes, the De Laurentiis club has secured the 1993 full-back, a true revelation of the Empoli season. The transaction was carried out for a sum close to ten million euros. The visits were scheduled for Thursday in Rome. Empoli concluded an important capital gain, given that the exterior was purchased by Matera for just over half a million (source Corriere dello Sport).

Naples, the office of Carlo Ancelotti: "We will try to win the scudetto".

At the end of the Bologna defeat, a game that ended the Napoli championship, Carlo Ancelotti spoke of expectations for the next Serie A season 2019-2020.

"Defeat of Bologna? We could also win it, but we were light behind: in end-of-year races it can happen, but this game doesn't change anything. Scudetto? We will try next year, we know what to do on the market. This season we have laid good foundations, we will certainly play a more aggressive football with more intensity, we will move on the market to ensure that these characteristics are grafted to the group "(source Ansa).

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