Deschamps takes Cantona to court. Here’s what the former Manchester striker said

Eric Cantona, Ansa

Deschamps takes Cantona to court. Here's what the former Manchester striker said (photo Ansa)

ROME – Didier Deschamps brings Eric Cantona to court .

Le Parisien reports that in late February the CT libel suit against King Eric will end up before a judge.

But what happened? It happened that Eric Cantona, on the occasion of the failure to call up Benzema and Ben Arfa for the 2016 European Championships, went down heavily on the former Juventus player:

“Deschamps has a very French name. Indeed, it may be the only one in France to have an authentically French name. None of his family mixed with others. A bit like Mormons in the United States. " And again: “What is evident is that Benzema and Ben Arfa are the two best French players and will not play the European championship. And it is equally clear that the two have North African origins … ".

“I'm not surprised – Eric Cantona said speaking of Deschamps – that he used the story that affected Benzema (who at the time ended up in the middle of a sexual scandal **) not to convene him. I feel authorized to have some doubts in this regard. "

Words, those of Eric Cantona, which were considered offensive by Deschamps who filed a complaint at the time and who now, on February 28, will challenge Cantona before a judge of the Tribunal de Grande Instance de París.

Source: Le Parisien.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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