Denis Franchi is living a fairy tale, from the Promotion with Prata Falchi to the Psg

Denis Franchi Psg Prata Falchi

Denis Franchi has been formalized as a new PSG purchase (from the Twitter profile of the French club)

PARIS – 17-year-old goalkeeper Denis Franchi is experiencing a daydream. He passed from the Promotion (amateur championship) with Prata Falchi, club of the province of Pordenone, to the PSG of Neymar, Cavani, MbappĂ© and Verratti . It is not a matter of the last moment, the Psg had set its eyes on us for some time and had it observed for a whole year. The goalkeeper has passed the test bewitching the observers of the Psg with parades from absolute champions and has been put under contract by the Paris Saint Germain.

Denis Franchi was owned by Prata Falchi but he showed himself above all with the Udinese under 17 jersey, where he was on loan. Franchi, at the Sassi Memorial, was awarded the best goalkeeper in the tournament and also played a big tournament in Nantes last month.

Denis Franchi will be joined to the Paris Saint Germain youth teams with ample opportunities to be the third goalkeeper of the first team. The young Italian goalkeeper has signed a contract that will bind him to Paris Saint Germain until 2022.

As Fox Sports writes on its website, this is the first transfer of an Italian Under 19 player to the Parisian company . A record-breaking operation that, in addition to the footballer, has several protagonists, such as the lawyer Lorenzo Violo, who deals with the transfer market of Prata Falchi, and Luca Zanette, foreign manager of the same black-gold club. Together with Denis, in Paris, there was also the general director Paolo Tonus, indicated by the president Roberto Cigana – remained in Italy – as the "deus ex machina" of the transfer.

The purchase of Denis Franchi by Paris Saint Germain was formalized by the same club in Ligue 1 through its official Twitter profile. Then the news was also published on his other social channels (source Fox Sports).

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