Deibert Roman Guzman died at 25, he was the first footballer killed by the coronavirus

LA PAZ ( BOLIVIA ) – The world of football is mourning the death of Deibert Roman Guzman at the age of 25 .

The Bolivian player was the first of the pros to be killed by the coronavirus.

Guzman isn't the only member of his family who died of coronavirus.

Not even his dad, who was manager of his team, and his uncle, who was a coach, made it.

In all three cases, the protagonists noticed the disease too late .

Guzman played as a defender in the University of Beni, a team that participated in the Copa Simon Bolivar (the equivalent of our Serie B).

While on the American continent, from the United States to South America , things are definitely going badly, in our country it is returning to normal.

A few hours ago, the restart of the Italian Cup and the Italian football championship was made official .

The Italian Cup must be concluded by the 17th of June, the day of the final.

The two semi-finals should be played between 11 and 13 June, there is still no agreement on these dates.

Instead, everything is ok with regards to the restart date of Serie a.

The Italian Serie A football championship will start again on June 20 (source, Twitter profile of the Bolivian Football Federation).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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