Death Belardinelli, two more arrests. One is the head of the Inter Nino Ciccarelli curve

Morte Daniele Belardinelli, arrestato il capo curva dell'Inter Nino Ciccarelli

Death Daniele Belardinelli, arrested the curved head of Inter Nino Ciccarelli ANSA / ENZO LAJACONA

MILAN – Nino Ciccarelli, one of the curved leaders of Inter, was arrested for the clashes with Santo Stefano . The order issued by the investigating judge Guido Salvini concerns, from what has been learned, also the ultrà of Varese Alessandro Martinoli. There is also Alessandro Caravita, the nineteen-year-old son of Franco, the historic founder and head of the Inter Boys, among the new suspects in the Milan prosecutors' investigation on the death of Daniele Belardinelli, the ultrà of Varese, a twin team with Inter, overwhelmed by one or more cars during the clashes last December 26, before the match between the Nerazzurri team and Napoli.

Alessandro Caravita, heard in recent days as a witness, was called this afternoon at the police station for the delivery of the notice of assignment, set for Tuesday, the consultants of the Prosecution in view of the autopsy and for unrepeatable assessments on the clothes of the victim and on cars being kidnapped.

The young man, unlike his father who has old specific precedents, is uncensored and from what has been reported will also receive a guarantee information for aggravated fighting and voluntary homicide. From what has been known among the people under investigation there are also the 4 Neapolitans injured in the clashes.

The number of Neapolitans registered in the register of suspects by the Milanese investigators who are trying to shed light on the death of the ultrà Daniele Belardinelli, invested (and then died in hospital) during the clashes between fans who preceded the match Inter-Napoli of last December 26th.

To all, as happened for the previous eight, the aggravated fight and the voluntary homicide are contested. Among the suspects are also the ultrà of Naples stabbed during the scuffles of via Novara.

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