De Rossi remains in Italy, Lazio fans provoke: “From us as Ciccio Cordova”

De Rossi resta in Italia, tifosi Lazio provocano: "Da noi come Ciccio Cordova"

De Rossi remains in Italy, Lazio fans provoke: "From us as Ciccio Cordova" (photo Ansa)

ROME – From yesterday evening the news of Daniele De Rossi's decision to want to continue playing in Serie A rebounds. According to Sky Sport, the 35-year-old midfielder would have chosen not to leave Italy, thus rejecting the offers of Los Angeles and Boca Juniors. Market rumors speak of three teams more interested than others: the Mlan of the new ds Frederic Massara (ex Roma), the Sampdoria of the new coach Eusebio Di Francesco and the Roma player fan Massimo Ferrero, finally the Fiorentina of friends Vincenzo Montella and Daniele Pradè.

On Twitter, the hashtag #DeRossi is trending topic since last night, with comments that are divided between the disappointment of the Romanists to be able to see his former captain with another Italian team's shirt and the fans of the other teams that fantasize the arrival of an international midfielder. "If you have it against the company, don't be upset with the only ones who have been loyal to you: the fans," writes one Giallorossi fan.

"Perhaps the real earthquake in Rome triggered it" is ironic on social media, with reference to the shock felt last night in the capital. "I loved De Rossi. He put in place every time what I would put. As a fan. As a lover of these colors. The choice to stay in Italy, if it were true, respect it. But it's a stab wound. I tell you Daniè just because I love you ”is the confession of a Romanist user.

"Wherever you go, you will always be our property. Even if seeing you with other colors will be terrible. Impossible to hate you ”is the sincere tweet of another giallorosso.
On the other hand, instead, De Rossi makes the fans of the other teams dream: "It would be the ideal player to make a qualitative leap both technical and tactical and mental" tweeted a fan of Sampdoria.

"Call it suggestion, call it a dream, call it a joke. For me it's a big yes. A player like him has been missing for years, "admits a Milan player. Again: "Ah, I De Rossi, in Milan, I would take him on the fly. He can still give, and he is an infinite dressing room man ”.

Even the supporters of Fiorentina express themselves positively: "Mentality, personality experience, if unfortunately he is doing well three months in a row and playing 7/8 strategic games makes the difference". Finally, the provocation of Lazio fans : "DDR in biancoceleste as Ciccio Cordova". (source AGI)

The De Rossi article remains in Italy, Lazio fans provoke: "With us as Ciccio Cordova" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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