De Rossi: “I’m leaving football, I’m going back to Rome. I will be the coach “

De Rossi: "Lascio il calcio, torno a Roma. Farò l'allenatore"

Daniele De Rossi in the press conference with Boca (photo Ansa)

BUENOS AIRES (ARGENTINA) – Now it's official, Daniele De Rossi has left Boca Juniors and played football. The same midfielder from Ostia announced it during today's press conference. De Rossi has made it known that he will return to Rome, subsequently the path that will lead him to become coach will begin. According to radio market, he could return to Rome , after the probable company change, as a second manager.

Daniele De Rossi's statements, in his farewell press conference, are reported by Corriere dello Sport: “I am thirty-six years old, I feel the need to be close to my family, so I leave Boca and football played. I didn't have any problems with the new management who on the contrary tried to convince me to stay here. I was the only player to undergo the medical visits and then three days later to retire (laughs, ed) But I need to be close to my daughter who is in Rome.

I miss her, and I miss her: but there is no serious personal problem. I'll be back for you. Rome is my whole life, but I will also leave a part of my heart here at Boca Juniors. I will come back to watch the Boca games in La Bombonera. I will not forget this club. My future? I will definitely continue to work in football.

I'm sad because I wanted to play another ten years, but I'm 36 and this is the time to say enough to focus on other things. If I think I won't play anymore I feel bad, but I'm happy to have played many important games and everything that has happened in my life. "

Daniele De Rossi was greeted with affection by the president of Boca Jorge Amor Ameal: “I met a great human being. Just looking at it shows all its honesty. I told him that we will appoint him as Boca ambassador to Italy. Unfortunately we have not been able to solve the problem of football, but it will help other European players to come to this club "(YouTube video).

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