De Rossi disguised to follow the derby in Curva Sud, that’s how the idea was born

De Rossi camuffato per seguire il derby in Curva Sud, ecco come è nata l'idea

Daniele De Rossi has realized his dream, he followed a derby from the Curva Sud thanks to this disguise (Instagram photo)

ROME – Daniele De Rossi has made a dream come true for a long time. He was able to follow the Roma-Lazio derby from the Curva Sud without being stormed by the fans. He wanted it wholeheartedly. He has no problem talking to the fans and taking pictures with them but he wanted to experience any derby as a fan.

Without his screams or curses could end up on social networks. If anyone recognized him, he could have filmed him. Instead so, he was able to experience the derby as an ordinary fan, without being disturbed by anyone.

De Rossi disguised as Curva Sud, his wife Sarah Felberbaum has unveiled the background on Instagram.

The backstory of his initiative is explained by his wife Sarah Frances Rose Felberbaum through some posts on Instagram starting from this: “Here's what happens when your husband decides to infiltrate the south curve to fulfill his dream and see the derby!
We lost an entire afternoon, hours of make-up, traumatized the children but he was happy as a child. (I love you) (More in stories) ".

Then in the stories, she explained that her husband went to the derby in the company of "Zoro" Diego Bianchi and the actor Valerio Mastrandrea, two of his longtime friends who share with him his great passion for Rome.

The disguise proved successful given that De Rossi was able to follow the derby without being recognized by anyone.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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