De Rossi and the Repubblica article: unexplained comebacks, Seville and sources. All the questions

Daniele De Rossi (photo Ansa)

Daniele De Rossi (photo Ansa)

ROME – It is the first hours of dawn on May 30th when "Repubblica" launches the bomb article . "So De Rossi and 3 other senators wanted Totti away from Rome" the title of the article signed by four hands by Carlo Bonini and Marco Mensurati. The article, and could not be otherwise, ends up on the phones and PCs of all the Roma fans.

The piece mentions an email that Ed Lippie, Rome's fitness coach and trusted American property owner, would send to James Pallotta. An email dated December 16, 2018. More or less when the Di Francesco project began to creak.

In the mail Lippie, writes Repubblica, is the name of four senators of the team: Daniele De Rossi, Edin Dzeko, Alexander Kolarov and Kostas Manolas. Senators who would have asked for the head of Eusebio Di Francesco, of the Spanish ds Monchi and, above all, of Francesco Totti.

Chapter Of Francis. "Lippie – the article reads – explains that the four consider the game of Di Francesco insane, expensive in terms of running but put on that of tactics. They complain about the weakening of the team. The technician – say from Rome – is prey to neurosis due to the regret of having accepted from Monchi an unsuitable market for his 4-3-3 ".

Monchi Chapter. Lippie writes that in Trigoria the ds "is seen as the smoke in the eyes. They experience it as a narcissist who has filled the team with players for whom winning or losing is the same thing. They reproach him for duplicity in his relationships, intolerance for second-rate players, manipulative abilities in information coming out of Trigoria and a market that has not gone through proper due diligence ".

Chapter Totti. "The team – reads the article in the Republic that reconstructs Lippie's email – suffers Totti's presence in his new role as manager. The negative perceptions he transmits to the locker room. The eighth king of Rome, his favorite son, is badly tolerated by those to whom he handed over the witness and who publicly do not stop celebrating it. Lippie's sources ask that the former Captain be removed from Trigoria if necessary by hunting Di Francesco, to whom Totti is very close. And replacing it with someone to keep him away ".

But what are the sources of Ed Lippie?

"They are – reads the social doctor Riccardo Del Vescovo and the physiotherapist Damiano Stefanini. In particular, he indicated Del Vescovo as the most convinced that Rome should be detottizzata ”.

So, in summary, Ed Lippie's moods have been reported. In the series: "You know I heard someone who heard …". To report the bad moods would have been a social doctor and a physiotherapist. "The men of pizzini" calls them "Repubblica". But there would be a question to be asked: but who cares about the thought of a social doctor on Totti's role in society? And then: but is the team that suffers the presence of Totti or are the four senators mentioned in the title of the piece?

However, the mail is a bomb. A bomb that the four senators would have launched in the middle of the season.

But it's not over here.

It's not over here because "Repubblica" also reconstructs another delicate phase of the season. That summer. That, then, of the transfer market.

In the summer, explains "Republic", De Rossi was furious with Monchi for the purchase of Nzonzi.

"De Rossi – reads the piece by Bonini and Mensurati considers that purchase an eviction notice, considering the French a duplicate of his. And – as three different sources tell us – he asks, also through his agent, for the termination of the contract. He faces the management personally and in a moment of anger he warns: 'If we do not solve it, I will get you tenths'. It's not a great start. The tear is sewn up. But that crunch is the prologue to what will happen in just four months. "

"If we don't solve it, I'll get you tenths," De Rossi said. Not really a normal phrase. What do you mean "I'll get you tenths"?

Over here? Not for nothing. Because then "Republic" also speaks of "unexplained comebacks".

What does inexplicable comebacks mean?

"The first part of the season – reads – is full of other bad omens. The Roma falls at the home of Bologna, undergoes the inexplicable comebacks of Chievo at the Olimpico and Cagliari at Sardegna Arena. The victory in the derby and the qualification for the Champions League round of 16 keep it afloat. But something broke ”.

So, in summary, "Republic" speaks of two important episodes that would have influenced the Rome season. The first, in summer, is the arrival of Nzonzi with the furious reaction of De Rossi. The second is Lippie's email.

The mail at the end, explains the daily, does not remain secret and in one way or another ends up in the hands of "Monchi, Totti and the entire corporate structure, starting from the then DG Mauro Baldissoni and the media strategist Guido Fienga" .

Monchi threatens to resign, the company instead, says "Republic" tries to keep the pieces together and asks the Spanish ds a plan B. But plan B does not arrive. Rather. Monchi raises: "If Di Francesco goes away I'll go away too".

But things after the exit from the Champions League against Porto get worse, if possible, even more and at the end Di Francesco and Monchi are put at the door.

"After the Champions League knockout – the article reads – Del Vescovo and Stefanini are accompanied to the door along with Di Francesco and Monchi. No one outside Trigoria wonders why, we are satisfied with the official version, the one that wants them to be responsible for too many injuries. The locker room because he knows it. And he defends Stefanini, to whom De Rossi is very close (he is one of the three people the captain will quote in his farewell letter). The senators are convinced that the cleaning has a principal, Francesco Totti. And between him and De Rossi comes a chill that will last until the end ".

The article, whose contents will of course be analyzed and tested, is destined to break even more the precarious balance in the home of Rome.

There is a detail that has not escaped anyone. The article reports how Seville dates. Seville, the land of Monchi.

Why really Seville? Monchi you wanted to remove some pebble from the shoe?

"We have traveled a lot to put all these pieces together – answers Carlo Bonini to Tele Radio Stereo – and in the end we decided to put that city but there is no particular reason. The cities we have been to have been more than one ”.

Seville or not another question remains in the air: has anyone wanted to avenge Daniele De Rossi, his finished audio on WhatsApp, his hugs with Francesco Totti and his words at the press conference?

At the "Messaggero", meanwhile, James Pallotta comments: "They are all cazz …, someone is trying to damage Rome with continuous lies". But who is trying to damage Rome?

Source: La Repubblica, Il Messaggero, Tele Radio Stereo.

The article De Rossi and the article of the Republic: unexplained comebacks, Seville and the sources. All the questions seem to be the first on the daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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