De Laurentiis positive in the League: the shared microphone, Vigorito on the same plane… and the others?

Aurelio De Laurentiis' positivity at Covid alarmed the other presidents who were with him during the Lega Serie A assembly.

Aurelio De Laurentiis tested positive for Covid . The Napoli president discovered it at the end of the Lega Serie A assembly which took place in Milan.

Although with symptoms, De Laurentiis nevertheless showed up – without a mask – at the meeting. A succession of events that has already sparked controversy.

In all likelihood, all presidents and officers of the other 19 clubs will now have to undergo mandatory prophylaxis and eventually go into quarantine.

De Laurentiis positive, who was with him

The communication to the other presidents arrived only on Wednesday evening, at the end of the meeting.

According to La Repubblica he already had symptoms and was awaiting the results of the swab arrived in the evening, but despite this he still showed up at the meeting in Milan.

He would have justified his discomfort with oyster indigestion . Only at 8 pm did he inform the other participants of his positivity.

The League made it known that during the meeting it was not compulsory to wear a mask because "all anti-covid protocols and social distancing were respected".

The League has reported the positivity to the authorities and will now proceed to assess who has come into close contact with President De Laurentiis, for a possible swab.

But De Laurentiis himself, during the assembly, was the first to speak into the microphone , which was then used by the others present.

At the Hilton Hotel in Milan, there were practically everyone in that room: Agnelli for Juve, Marotta and Antonello for Inter, Scaroni for Milan, Lotito for Lazio, Joe Barone for Fiorentina, Cairo for Turin, Ferrero and Preziosi for Sampdoria and Genoa to name a few.

Vigorito , patron of Benevento, would return home with a lift from the Italian president's private plane.

About fifty people came more or less in contact with the president of Napoli who will now have to undergo the usual checks and remain at a distance from their respective teams.

The president of Lega Serie A Paolo Dal Pino, in the absence of symptoms, has decided to place himself in voluntary isolation. (sources COURIER, SPORT MEDIASET)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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