De Laurentiis: “Icardi only wants Juventus. No meeting with Wanda Nara “

De Laurentiis: "Icardi vuole solo la Juventus. Nessun incontro con Wanda Nara"

Aurelio De Laurentiis in the photo ANSA / CLAUDIO ONORATI

NAPLES – Mauro Icardi will not go to Naples, word of Aurelio de Laurentiis. The patron of the Naples has released the following declarations to the Corriere dello Sport on Mauro Icardi and his partner Wanda Nara.

"Meeting between me and Wanda Nara? It's a colossal nonsense, Wanda Nara I met her three years ago and I have no intention of meeting her again. Icardi is not part of our current needs, I asked him three years ago when we needed it and Sarri was good at inventing Mertens first point ". "You can't ignore his talent, he talked so much about it that he looks older than 26 years old. Seen from the outside it seems to have been badly managed, it has not grasped the importance of the role it plays. Icardi is very strong, the consideration towards him is indisputable but he will always want to go to Juventus. And anyway, as Ancelotti said, I keep Insigne ".

Aurelio De Laurentiis has returned to talk across the board on the club's official radio, Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli.

"James Rodriguez is in our hearts and above all in the hearts of those who trained him better than anyone else, Ancelotti, but we have to deal with Real Madrid, we are tough and we don't want to give in to the unjust demands of Real Madrid. We are not in a hurry because our team is already strong .. We only have to make shots, but these blows are done in two, between those who want to buy and those who want to sell. We want to buy, but we don't want to make mistakes "

The boss of Naples also spoke about the "Super Champions" project.

"I believe there is a great ignorance of those who did not attend all of the ECA meetings. In the Eca there are 232 clubs, more than 100 are active and the others are partners with little decision weight. It was the only association that opposed the Uefa and the Fifa with great firmness and thanks to the ECA various advantages were obtained for the clubs. I am part of the Eca and I can assure you that Agnelli's intentions are not to make a Superchampions for a select few, in fact he has tried to widen the participation to less noble clubs. However I think the championships must be held over the weekend and only one great European championship is needed, a Champions League in which to gather all the teams that now play in the Champions League and in the Europa League ”.

The De Laurentiis article : “Icardi only wants Juventus. No meeting with Wanda Nara " seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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