Davide Astori, asked for the trial for the doctor Giorgio Galanti: he certified the suitability of the player

Davide Astori

Davide Astori (Photo Ansa)

FLORENCE – The prosecutor's office in Florence requested the indictment for Giorgio Galanti , the doctor accused of manslaughter in the investigation into the death of Fiorentina captain Davide Astori.

Galanti is under investigation as medical director of the sports medicine reference center of the Careggi University hospital. In July 2017, the fitness of the player, who died the following March on the night before the Udinese-Fiorentina championship race. The preliminary hearing is set for October 22 next.

Instead, the position of another doctor co-investigated with Dr. Giorgio Galanti, that is Professor Francesco Stagno, of Cagliari, is removed from the same investigation for culpable homicide. At the moment there is no decision by the prosecutor in Florence regarding Stagno, which was questioned last June by the prosecutor Nastasi.

At the time of the interrogation, Stagno had presented the reports of his consultants, in particular a cardiology report and a medical-legal expert report . However, at the time Stagno has not received any notification of a preliminary hearing date.

Sources: Ansa, Agi

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