Darya Klishina, Russian athlete: “They offered me 180 thousand euros a month to be an escort”

MOSCOW – "A stranger from the United States offered me 180 thousand euros a month to be an escort": to tell Sports.ru, it is Darya Klishina , 29 years old, Russian athlete silver medal at the long jump World Cup 2017.

"He contacted me on Direct on Instagram, giving me many compliments and proposing me to become an escort – Klishina told Sport.ru -. I said no several times, even though he insisted on trying to convince me, offering me 200 thousand dollars (over 180 thousand euros, ed) per month ".

In the interview the Russian athlete then made some rather bitter considerations on the incident: "I have no idea who that man was, but he really saw me as a woman capable of doing such a thing".

And when the interviewer recalled the photo shoot made for Playboy, saying: "On different search engines those photos come out first when you type in your name," Klishina replied:

“We have all made, let's say, youthful mistakes. When you are still too young, you do a lot of things without thinking about what consequences they can have on your career as well as on your life. When I signed up for IMG, the agency that also represents Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic, they pushed for the cancellation of most of those risque photos. ” (Source: Sports.ru, Sport Mediaset)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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